How to make it work during the day?

  • How can I get it to work during the day? After downloading the app and giving it my location, it is not crossing out the blue screen until it shows at night. I'm in an office so it doesn't make a difference what time of day it is, I'd like it to start working all of the time not just at night when I leave work. I have an HP Windows laptop.

  • I figured it out - i entered a city in a different time zone.

  • @talart It does matter what time of day you start using f.lux--but office fluorescent lights are usually around 4000K or slightly lower and off colored when they age. I'd recommend going the opposite route and get some bright light to use in a lamp while you work. Halogens are good but if you want something more efficient then cool white LED bulbs might do the trick.

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