How to shift time without tricking the date/time ?

  • Hi !
    Flux is really cool but I'm facing a problem and a simple example will be better :
    Currently, at the moment I'm writing this, it is 17:30 in France. There is still some light in the sky, the work day is not finished. But Flux knows the sun is gone and it is begining to dim my screen.
    Of course I'm far to go sleeping... And I don't want to be "demotivated" so "early".

    What will be very very useful is a "time shift" parameter to tell Flux to start dimming the screen 1, 2 ... hours latter.

    I know I can trick the date/time of Flux but it will show a false position of the sun on the diagram. I just want it to take a time shift into account.

    Is this possibilite with some trick in parameter file if any or can it be added in a next release ? That will be cool !

    Thanks !

  • The next release will probably address this. For now, just fake your Location in f.lux.

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