How do you make flux transistion instantely

  • Hi I wanted to know how to make flux transition instantly, because when I run a game or graphics intensive program the entire computer slows down a lot during the 20 second transition. Thanks.

  • There's no way to do it. Perhaps in the next version, which might be finished before the year's over. We'll see what they come up with.

  • @0MG1tz4l3x Do you know what graphics hardware you have? An easy way to check is search in the start menu for "device manager" or right click "Computer" and choose "Manage".

    Get into device manager and go to the "Display Adapters". Click the triangle or double click the heading, and let us know what is listed in that section.

    Have you tried the 1-hour slow transition as well?

  • i've had the same problem since i started using f.lux many years ago, on x1 carbon gen1 and gen3 (i.e. across all versions of the driver software installed). on the gen3 the display adapter is intel 5500, i forget what was on the gen1.

  • +1 for instant transition. I like f.lux, but my pc is almost unusable during 20s transition. Even notepad++ is lagging.

  • The 1 hour transistion seems ti fix it, i have a gtx 970m, i7 5700hq 16GB RAM and a 1080p screen built into the laptop. The sound also seems to get skippy when the frame rate does too. Like the entire computer is slow.

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