color fade and viewing angle again... - could this be a feature request? to adjust something to compensate the color fade?

  • It's not a color fade, it's our perception of the gamma due to the angle of the panel, whether it's aimed high or low (or whether we're sitting high or low). So, the technical name for this is "gamma shift", and there's nothing that can be done outside of getting a much better monitor that uses a very good IPS panel or even something better.

  • yes, I understand the gamma shift, and noticed its different from monitor to monitor. I was wondering if there could be a setting to compensate for this...

    anyway, great software!!

  • I know what you were wondering, but it would be impossible because it's a problem with the panel technology. Any attempt at compensating for it would ruin the image and you'd have an ugly fade effect with horrible contrast and gamma either on top or bottom half of the panel. Then if you adjust your vertical position just slightly, it gets worse.

    The only way compensation might be somewhat possible is if this were a problem with the image being sent to the monitor. You might be able to compensate for that. Compensating for a problem with the monitor itself though would probably be absolutely impossible, especially when it's something that changes quite a bit when you look at the monitor from a slightly different vertical position.

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