is the current version of f.lux compatible with macOS Sierra?

  • i see many forum posts from users running f.lux on Sierra, but the latest update to the change log is August 20, 2015. just looking to confirm that f.lux team has not yet published a version intended for Sierra? now i'm suddenly donating to development. disappointed Apple didn't include Night Shift in Sierra. grateful to f.lux developers.

  • I'm using it on sierra with no problems. Hope that helps

  • IDK about officially but since I upgraded to Sierra i've been getting weird artifacts on the screen. The mouse has a blue aura sometimes and video gets blocky in certain areas, usually backgrounds. When I shake the mouse it goes away but comes back quickly after I stop. Its not awful but its a little bit annoying.

  • @fwerwerwerw That's a very documented issue on the forums, just go to the Mac section and you'll see it there.

  • i decided to give it a go with the current version 37.7. fortunately i started with a clean install of macOS Sierra. so far i haven't experienced any issues with f.lux or other problems related to it. super grateful to have f.lux to save my eyes during the night shift.

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