F.lux is constantly sending data.

  • Why are f.lux constantly sending data when activated?

    It is sending 24 B/sec. unless I open the f.lux window where it then goes up to about 1200 B/sec. and stays there until I close it again. When running the 24 hour preview it even sends 1500 B/sec.

    I'm using windows 7

  • We don't send any information except daily update checks - where are you seeing this?

  • Thank you for responding so fast.

    I see it on my laptops resource monitor, and on my broadband connection. I have taken a screenshot so you can see it for yourself.

    My laptop is scanned regularly and should be free from virus ect. alt text

  • The address is a broadcast, which means it's probably our Philips Hue uPNP searcher looking for Hue lights. (We use Microsoft's UPNP for security reasons.) If the checkbox (in "Extras") is off this code shouldn't be doing that.

  • That fixed it. :)

    The checkbox was on, it must have been by default cause I haven't checked it on.
    I have limited GB on my mobile broadband, so it annoyed me a little to see it using data.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • I also noticed that everytime we open f.lux it tries to connect to a remote IP. Why? No Philips Hue option ticked in the options.

  • @disqQ This is our daily update check. (Once a day or on launch.)

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