Bug: Time zone clashes with location setting

  • My time zone was set to a different location on the opposite side of the world, and I noticed some interesting behavior from flux: The sunrise/sunset graph acts as if I'm in the location's time zone, while the actual applied calibration follows my computer's time zone. For example, it displays the sun's position relative to the location I set, and it correctly says "sunset in 7 hours" based on the location I set, while the "night" color calibration is what goes into effect even though the graph shows the sun is up.

    I know this is a non-standard use case, and you could well just say "set your time zone correctly!" and the problem goes away :) - Semantically, however, one should clearly override the other. Either the sunrise/sunset graph AND the calibration should both follow the computer's time zone, or they should both follow the location time zone (the latter would be my preference, we're already asking the user to set a location anyway, so it should follow that). Having sunrise/sunset follow location time zone while the actual calibration follows the computer time zone could seriously confuse people :)

    Since I'm here, just want to say thanks for making this program - it's nice to have my computer give me a little nudge to go to bed at a reasonable time :)

    -- Joren

  • I don't understand the post. Could you restructure it to make sense?

  • We will prompt you to update your location in the next version, so this will be less likely. (The timezone on the Mac usually updates automatically). If we could, we would just stay up to date with your location automatically, but this causes a daily prompt on the Mac, so we don't.

    There are probably a lot more uses for the opposite of what you describe: having your wake time in the "wrong" location but the solar day (which you can't avoid) in the correct place.

    For instance, if I travel from LA to NYC for a 1-day trip, often I will wake up "late" in local time to avoid resetting earlier and to get more sleep. This isn't the case you're asking about, but a thing that should be easier to do with the software.

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