Flux limits CS:GO fps to 30 fps

  • Hy everyone!

    So everything works fine, but when I try to play CS:GO if Flux is running the max fps is only 30. As soon as I exit Flux the fps ramps up to 250.
    Does here anyone who has the same issue or knows how I can fix this?
    I don't know how it matters, but I have to monitor (one of them is 34" Ultrawide) and AMD R9 280X

    Thanks for help

  • @rkrisi I've not noticed this happening. What transition speed do you have set for f.lux, and are you running fullscreen or "windowed" or "borderless window" mode for CS?

  • The transition is set to fast (20s) and I'm running CS in fullscreen

  • @Tungsten_smooth Have you tried disabling Xbox Game DVR function? It seems that this helped for me.

  • @rkrisi I didn't have the issue, and I don't use Windows 10. I'm glad you solved the problem, I've seen that fix mentioned on reddit, and I still don't like windows 10. Hopefully they come up with something more complete and less invasive in privacy. I'm still with a vulnerable Windows 7 setup with backups.

    Maybe I should go through these 71 updates pending. There's now new "Security and Quality rollup" updates, those should be fun... Instead of one update, now I have to open the KB linked for sereval updates, on each rollup update. I don't want tracking / telemetry updates.

    It's about 40-50 now. I'm seeing many security updates that look nice to install. The others however... well, I've hidden some already! Don't wait a year to update your system, I just had 12 successful updates and 47 fail!