Where does flux store its config data?

  • I could not locate where flux is storing its config/ properties/ settings data on hard disk.

    There is no flux folder in Program Files, and there is no such file in

    Seems it is directly updating in windows registry.

    If the settings are stored on a disk file, it is convenient for us take back up of that and when we reinstall windows or use flux on different installations, we could directly copy that file from back up to flux install and it would give us flux working as it was working in our tested installs.

    Please tell us where setting file is there or if there is no such hdd file, please consider having that method.


  • @vsrawat Yes f.lux uses the registry to make changes. You can start the registry editor by typing in "regedit" into a search or run box.

    Then use the find tool to search for "flux"

  • Thanks.

    I have exported the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Michael Herf"
    and saved that in a disk file "flux_prefs.reg".

    I guess that after installing flux on a new box, I can just double click on this file and these entries would be merged in the registry, thus giving me my previous settings.

    each time I install a new update of flux, or change some settings, I have to re-export settings of this key.

    My issues is solved. However, I opened this file and these are in windows cryptic registry language dword and hex. It would be helpful if flux gives a simpler config file that a novice users like me can understand and change the settings manually in config file.


  • @vsrawat you can see both dword and hex, just change the setting from hex and dword and the outdoor / indoor settings are much easier to understand.

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