f.lux 'pro' (portable version)

  • Hello, I am technically aware - I am not a noob who's primary interest is not computers.

    I would like a portable version of f.lux that I can use on public computers where users do not have admin rights and cannot modify the registry.

    How much of a donation would I need to make, to get a version of f.lux that does NOT popup a message and internet explorer after it finishes running?



  • @Pudnik If you runf.lux in a building with banks of fluorescent tube lighting and set f.lux to anything lower than fluorescent or whatever matches, it won't do ANYTHING regarding helping you stay relaxed and your screen won't match.

  • Whatever, it turns out that registry editing is allowed at school thru Windows Scripting, so I just scripted the damn things out of the way. :p

  • @Pudnik Read my post above please, also @lorna may like to chime in.

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