Enable Alt-End without Alt-PgUp/PgDn

  • I'm using f.lux on my laptop, backlight control is provided by the laptop's hotkeys, so I don't need Alt-PgUp/PgDn. In fact, these hotkeys are used in another program I have, but f.lux intercepts them. Therefore I had to to disable the entire hotkey feature in f.lux - sadly, because I'd like to be able to disable it temporarily using a hotkey.

    Dear f.lux team, please consider:

    • Making the 3 hotkeys customizable (including disabling any of them)
    • Adding ability to control running f.lux by running it with different (command-line) options. This way I could disable internal hotkey handling and instead set up AutoHotKey to control f.lux

  • @heilong Hi there,

    I also have another program which uses Alt+PgUp/Alt+PgDn. How did you disable the whole f.lux hotkey feature? I haven't found this setting anywhere?



  • I'm sorry - I found the setting under "Extras" ... Doh!

  • Yeah, the other day I was looking for it too...

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