(Possible) multi-monitor fix (where one is not dimming)

  • I was encountering the issue where one monitor is not dimming (tinting), and I could not seem to find a concrete solution online. I'm not sure if someone has posted this already, but I figure I'll share to see if it works for anyone else.

    My setup is as follows:

    3x24" Dells - two on DP, one HDMI
    Windows 10 (1551)

    What I tried was to first duplicate the non-dimmed monitor with one that is dimmed, which in my case dimmed the non-dimming one. Then I went back to extending the monitors and it kept the dimming. I thought it might have been a fluke so I checked the disable for 1 hour and it undimmed all 3 monitors and re-dimmed when I unchecked it. Too soon to tell if this is a long term fix, but I figure I'll throw it out there so we can get more data.

  • @Dukenukem117 hi. unfortunately this did not work on my system. I have a laptop and two additional monitors linked with an external hub. Only the main monitor on the laptop is possible to dim. has anybody an idea? thx

  • @regulus

    I think I read here that using hubs docks don't work.

  • @Dukenukem117 oh, sadly. many thx for your information.

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