For f:lux developers

  • Dear developers of f.lux,
    because I contact you on and after month no one responce I'm triing this way. My name is Tomáš Ježek and I am PhD student in Czech Technical University in Czech Republic. My topic: is Usage of sensoric fusion of eye to to treat amblyopy and my idea is using some modification of image display for treatment like you use red shifting. For my work it will be to add some fourier mask on desktop view. When I found your software, I said that ideas are pretty similar, so I would like to ask you if it is possible ask you for your little help for me. If you can provide me your source code it will be big help for me. I wanted to ask you what you would like in return for this service. Or If is possible in another way to cooperate with you.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Best regards

    Ing. Tomáš Ježek
    Faculty of Biomedical engeneering

  • f.lux is not open source, but you may find the tools at useful to your research. Good luck with your PhD work.

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