Google chrome not letting flux affect how it is displayed

  • For some reason, and for a while now, chrome doesn't let flux change the way it is displayed unless I'm hovering my cursor over a link or writing on the address bar, or when opening the settings. Everything else is filtered, the bottom bar and the cursor look orange-ish like they should. I'm currently using Microsoft edge, despite all the issues it has because it does not interfere with flux, can anyone help me? anyone else has this problem?

  • @OneiriCat Are you talking about the entire screen not being affected with chrome? I've not seen this behavior but I would say it's a windows 10 issue.

  • No, it's only the part of the screen that chrome is on: the windows bar below is being filtered as well as any elements that are not chrome. Even if I have chrome using only a part of the screen with anything else on the background, only the chrome window is not being filtered.
    Sorry I took so long to reply

  • Which GPUs are on the machine and what are the driver versions?

    What we know right now: on Lenovo dual-GPU machines, the Intel drivers are held back to old 2015 versions, and the NVIDIA drivers are current, which leads to this bug.

    If you have another configuration, please post it!

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    Sorry I took so long to answer; does are the graphic cards and its characteristics, I think, I hope it helps

  • Yes the machines so far have a 2015 Intel driver and a 2016 nvidia one. I wonder if an Intel update would help.

  • I have now, after dealing with an issue where my computer did not let me install a driver update because of something about my laptop's manufacturer (even though the update I was installing was downloaded from the manufacturer's drivers section for my laptop's model, so I had to first uninstall the already existing intel driver), the problem has been solved! I can use chrome and it won't interfere with F.lux. Thanks for your advice!

  • @herf Hello, I have a Lenovo laptop and did a windows update about a week ago. After the update, Flux will flicker when using any web browser, are there any fixes to this issue? Everything was working perfect before the last update, I thought it might've been the Nvidia driver so did the most recent update and it didn't fix the issue either.Also did an intel driver update search and it seems that the latest updates are installed.

  • Same issue here after Windows 10 latest update (14393). I have the Lenovo Y700 with older Intel HD drivers ( from 2015). I have tried to install the latest drivers but the installation is restricted due to missing driver validation for the laptop configuration). I'm so pissed off with this windows update because i really need flux.

    Specs: Intel HD 530 + Nvidia gtx 960m

  • Hello guys, i come back with BIG News! I managed to fix this issue on my Lenovo y700.
    You have to go to Lenovo support page, select your device model and download the latest Intel HD VGA drivers. I had installed a version from 2015 and the latest was from 2016. Unpack the archive but do not run setup because it will fail.
    Now go to Device Manager, right-click on Intel HD and choose to upgrade drivers.
    Click: Browse My computer - Next - Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer - Click on Have Disk -> Browse and open the path where the drivers were unpacked (C:\drivers\Intel VGA Driver\Graphics) and select igdlh64.inf fro x64 OS or igdlh32.inf for X86 OS.
    After installation is completed reboot your computer once or twice.
    After the first reboot i had a problem with my desktop files missing but it might be due to other things i did to my system. If you encounter this issues just go to C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\ and create here a new folder called Desktop. Reboot and everything should be ok.

    PS: flux works great after this.

  • @razorsbk this is great! hopefully Lenovo will let the new Intel version install soon. It seems to be this Yoga model reported again and again.

  • Hey! So I went to the Lenovo support page and downloaded the Intel VGA Drivers and proceeded to install (I know you said it would fail) and there was an error message and to "send report" etc, however, upon restarting the computer and trying Google Chrome with night mode for about 5 minutes, so far there is no flickering and seems like its working like its used to. I will continue to try on other browsers to see if there are any issues but someway somehow its working now, thanks razorsbk for the help.

  • Having the same issure on my Asus ROG GL522. And its not just chrome, Opear is the same. Only Firefox seems to work without issues at the moment please help me. All my drivers are upto date. Not sure where to go from here.

  • also, there is a lot of flickering on windows startup before it finally sets in.

  • Any luck with updating the Intel GPU driver?

  • @herf Still now working. The problem started once the anniversary update for windows 10 was installed. I works on firefox. But flux only changes color of the screen when i have my mouse pointer on a hyperlink for both Chrome and Opera.

  • @Majestic Did you find a newer (2016) Intel driver?

  • @herf Yes.

  • @Majestic what machine is it? and which driver versions?

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