f.lux not working on windows 7

  • I have used f.lux before on my desktop with windows 7 and I am used to it now. Now when I installed it on my laptop (windows 7) I don't see any changes in the color. I uninstalled and reinstalled it 2-3 times but there's no change. Can anyone help me? I don't understand what could be the issue.

  • It installs then when my mouse gets near the tray icon it vanishes. windows explorer will show it but says that the shortcut has been deleted or changed. in any case the only option left is to supposedly uninstall it and then repeat the entire process again. after 5 times, i am defeated. yes, windows 7. is a no go.

  • Just want to let you know that it works on my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X220), using Windows 7 x64 Professional. The laptop has Intel HD Grpahics 3000 built-in video chipset with the latest driver obtained from Intel (not from Lenovo) - but it also worked with Lenovo-provided driver.

  • Hi Nishtha,
    I hope all is well. I'm in the same boat - did you ever figure out why it's not working?

  • To all of you--I've never had this issue. I run the setup file I download, allow it to run (UAC) and click "I agree".

    Then I set the location and that's all I do. It's never stopped running or uninstalled itself without my doing.

  • @renza @nishtha @heilong @ButchTCougar Enable hidden files and folders in Windows 7. Open any folder, doesn't matter, but in the large blue menubar click "organize" and file and folder options. Go to View tab, and check "show hidden files and folders".

    Alternatively: You can type %Appdata%
    into the search bar, hit enter, and use the folder listings at the top to go back two folders to "Local".

    You want to be in your user folder "C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\FluxSoftware

    You can also copy and past that into your search bar in a folder, with the correct user name listed, and access this folder. Once you get there, if the folder is there, then you do not need to re-install. If it's gone, then please reply!

    Hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc and access the task manager. Go to Processes and look for "flux.exe". If it's not running then reboot. If it's still not running then please reply!

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