Dual monitor (USB) bug with latest version of f.lux

  • Previously, flux would work fine with my USB monitor (meaning it'd work on my laptop display, and not affect my external USB display) but recently, when the USB monitor is plugged in, flux flickers rapidly.

  • Same here. I have a pair of identical monitors, one via HDMI and one via a USB->HDMI adapter. Although for me, the monitor that is not connected via USB is the one that flickers. If I swap the monitors, again the one plugged in via HDMI is the one that gives me issues.

  • I think I may have misexplained, my situation is in fact the same as yours. (except it's DVI not HDMI)

  • Update: the current dev version of flux (3.11) fixes the flickering issue! Just in time too, since school is just started back up. So now I can use flux on my main monitor! Sadly there still isn't support for USB adapters, but maybe one day...

    Thank you flux team for fixing this issue. This change will have a huge positive impact on my sleep/health/academic quality.