Windows 10 Morning/Early afternoon flicker

  • Hi so I checked the FAQ and tried to look through the forums, but I don't think I saw this anyone, I apologize if I missed it. I really like flux and have used it for a few years, but i have had a few issues since getting a new laptop. Ive got windows 10 with a geforce 960m (2 GB version) graphics card. At night I have no issues but generally when I turn on my laptop in the morning or early afternoon, I get some flickering between orange and blue. Often all it takes is to disable flux and then reactivate it but sometimes it does not fix the issue. I more wanted to just alert the team of the issue than seek a personal solution because I really have liked using flux.

  • @jonathunder how recently did you download nvidia drivers from the website?

  • I used the geforce experience app to update them a few days ago, but the problem existed before that as well

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