Galaxy Note 4, 6.0.1

  • Just a note (heh) for the devs, not working on a stock rooted galaxy note 4 with 6.0.1.
    Model is SM-N910F.
    The only other root apps I have installed are Ad-Away and Greenify.

    I've tried all the different video modes, disabling and re enabling flux between tries. It simply says starting f.lux and nothing happens.

  • @weidass make sure greenify isn't stopping f.lux.

  • Same problem here. I don't have Greenify installed.

  • @jesstech @weidass When you open f.lux, does a rooting program popup asking you to allow it permissions?

  • @Tungsten_smooth here to report the same issue. Rooted sm-910p, a window pops up asking for supper user permission, granted, logs in SU show f.lux activity. This app worked amazing on my s4, now I'm excited to get it working on my note 4. Anything else i can try?

  • @kloww I don't know enough about rooting to help.

  • Same issue ... superuser acces granted + location found ... but it doesnt do anything .
    Galaxy note 4 - Android 6.0.1

  • I just want to know in my galaxy note 4 their are some app which is not present in google play store but are very popular like showbox, terrarium tv etc is working properly so is their any chance of harm to my device.

  • Ok, I realise this is an old topic. Nonetheless: The issue still persists. Note 4 with stock rooted Android 6.0.1, root access granted, location found, but no effect on screen. Model SM-N910F just like thread starter.

    F.lux on Windows has been a real life saver. I will donate to the team as soon as I am not completely broke. Keep up the good work, and I hope the Android app gets more love soon.

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  • I had the same issue on rooted Galaxy Note 4 (N910T) on 6.0.1. f.lux did not work; however, I found a similar app called CF.lumen that worked well for me. It's made by Chainfire (supersu dev).

  • @zefalt thanks for sharing cf.lumen. It seems like a great alternative to f.lux so far. I love f.lux on my PC and loved it on my S4, so thanks for the recommendation the android app gets some love. There are so many "screen color filter" apps it is hard to filter out the good ones from the bad.

  • I made a thread about this same issue with my Note8. Theirs nothing installed on the phone except root and f.lux. maybe if they actually kept up with the program and updated it from time to time, it would actually work.

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