Automatic mode for video and gaming sorely lacking

  • Hello,
    I love f.lux and I find the idea very good, very important. This is a good concept and a very well made app and well attended. But there is a loophole that prevents me from using it.
    It has been several times that I install f.lux and each presents the same problem. I ended up watching movies in sepia tone or play games with strange monotone colors. But if I completely disables f.lux the screen brightness dazzled me when I surf the net or in my system at night, this is why I find f.lux indispensable.
    The only solution that could make f.lux usable under these conditions would make automatic and configurable switching to video or games mode. Without that I finally tired of forgetting to turn off f.lux for movies and games and forget to activate it for the rest.
    If it were possible f.lux would be part of some essential tools on any computer in the world.
    The video mode does not help, we forget either activate or reactivate.
    Bravo and thank you anyway for your great work and your investment.

  • I leave it on when I play Overwatch, etc. It doesn't negatively impact gaming aside from the FPS drop you get when Sunset hits. I figure if I dont use it at night when I'm gaming - then what's the point of using it? Only concern I had was that it would mess with my ICC profiles since I do color work during the day but I haven't had an issue.

    What would be cool is a DDC/CI option to adjust the LCD's brightness via the f.lux app since Luminance can be pretty invasive. Aside from a few proprietary apps that come with monitors there really isn't a decent app that will adjust brightness via the DDC/CI.

  • Unlike my previous experiences I have not supported the vivacity of the light of my screen , so I reactivated f.lux even during gaming or movie sessions. I said to myself it was nothing but a color temperature change.
    This time I got used to it , and I'm also more susceptible to blindness without f.lux but thinking now comes to me, I'm color blind , maybe this is why I find the image too sepia, when f.lux is activated.

    I do not think colorblind were taken into account , there would be a color blind option. It's not an easy question , maybe someone will know the reason better than I would.

    F.lux gives too little contrast result or missing color for color-blind people ?

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