how to root android phone

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  • Try this tutorials:

    1. Enter your phone's browser: and download Click Free Download download KingRoot.
    2. After KingRoot download is complete, click on the drop-down notification bar to installation
    3. If you have not been set before "install blocked", will set a reminder, as the steps in the following figure, if you have set up before, skip this step,direct to Step 4
    4. In the System installation screen, click "install" to start the installation, when the installation is complete, click on the "open" button to start using KingRoot
    5. Click "try it" to enter the main interface, and click "get now" button to start rooting
    6. The implementation process is completed and finished, after that you will be return to the main screen, then the Rooting is done.
    7. Finally go to google play search and Download: RootChecker to Check the Root is successful, as the following figure which represents success

  • @Jayrathore I can't agree more the upstairs.Kingroot one click root is a great solution to unlock the true potential of an Android Smartphone. You can get a change the entire look and increase the performance of your Android device.
    Good luck!

  • @Jayrathore What version of Android are you using? This is really important.

  • The process of rooting your phone varies phone to phone. What phone are you trying to root and what android version?

  • @Black-Ops said:

    The process of rooting your phone varies phone to phone. What phone are you trying to root and what android version?

    this is correct. The method differs even for the same phone due to different Android versions. My favorite app for rooting is AnyRooter Android Root Pro. It roots the phone with i click.

  • @louiseluo I have tried your software , but i have not succeed complete this task ,i don't know what the reason is ,
    Finally , with the AnyRooter . my Android phone has been succeed root , two kinds of completely different tools,the latter operation more simple, and it is suitable for beginners to root Andorid phone,

  • The general process of rooting any phone is usually unlocking the bootloader (If applicable) , install a custom recovery (such as TWRP) and flash SuperSU zip.

    The process for unlocking the bootloader and installing a custom recovery is what differs between each phone.

  • There are so many root solution for us to do , but the key is without any harmmost, isn't it ?

  • thank u for i get it...:)

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