Samsung galaxy Note 2 N7100 not working.. kitkat 4.4.2 version.. no changes

  • Hi guys

    The title says it all. Unfortunately, I didn't get it to work on my Samsung galaxy note 2 N7100.. I rooted it with SUPER user Su root. and the Root Checker Basic App says it is rooted successfully. However, f.lux doesn't do anything, the screen colour stays the same all day and night. I really appreciated f.lux and I need it to sleep well. You're doing a great job. Please make it work! :)

    am expecting reply from you with updates also for my problem..
    i am using Kitkat 4.4.2 version android and Samsung galaxy note 2 N7100 mobile..
    reply to me friend

  • f.lux doesn't usually work before 5.x (Marshmallow).

    On some Qualcomm devices (Nexus 4) it does, but not otherwise.

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