I ordered a new monitor. Will I have problems with f.lux? [solved!]

  • The new monitor I ordered is the 24" Acer Predator XB1 (XB241H). It hasn't shipped yet and it just now occurred to me to ask. I will have it connected via DisplayPort and set to 144 Hz. Will I have any problems with f.lux? I have Windows 7 and a GTX 780.

    I currently have a Samsung 2253BW on DVI and the monitor is over 8 years old (but the cable is new), and I have zero problems with f.lux.

    Edit: It shipped and is estimated to be delivered this Friday. I will be able to set it up Saturday night!

  • I have great news: the 24" Acer Predator XB1 over DisplayPort works very well with f.lux in Windows 7.

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