Green hue on Windows 10 anniversary when switching from dark screen to white screen

  • I've noticed that when I switch from a program with a dark UI to one with a light UI (such as a command window to a web browser,) there is a noticeable change in the color of the display. It is an ugly green color for less than a second before it switches to the correct (yellow) color temperature. Disabling F.lux fixes the problem and definitely didn't do that before the anniversary update.

  • f.lux team

    Can you look around to see if there's an Intel control panel? If so, can you turn off DPST?

    They have a feature called "DPST" that tries to trade off color accuracy and power - it certainly doesn't know about adapted illuminants. :)

  • I don't have anything Intel installed. Running on AMD hardware (R9 290x, FX-8350)
    Nothing shows up on the control panel related to that setting.

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