Flickering with external display after upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

  • Hello there,

    I've been using F.lux for the last couple months without a problem on my Surface Pro 3. With the just-released "Anniversary Update", however, F.lux flickers whenever an external display is plugged in. The flickering is on both screens and appears to occur with automatic lighting adjustment. It's as if each time the monitor color changes, it hops back to 0 (no color shift) and then quickly shifts to the new correct color. It flickers at a rate of roughly 2 times per second. Everything works fine w/o the external monitor.

    Just wanted to flag this in case others also have issues after installing the latest Windows 10 updates.



  • @ezhao15 I noticed the same thing! It happens most often when I alt+tab to Chrome or Discord.

  • Ditto flickering unless disabled. I have newer HP desktop and Acer touchscreen monitor. Have tried reinstalling. f.lux v3.10 now unusable..

  • Same here. Caused me to get flickering light vertigo (or I had an epileptic event). So, yeah, huge problem for me. Windows 10 desktop with nvidia GT 9400 video card. The only thing it doesn't flicker on is my 3rd monitor which is hooked up to a usb adapter.

  • @unusualoddity Sorry to hear that! I hope you're doing okay. Same here though, my USB monitor (Lenovo LT1421) works fine! It's just my VGA-attached monitor that causes flickering, but when it's attached both my main laptop screen and the external display flickers.

  • f.lux team

    This is a bug with DisplayLink and the shipping f.lux for Windows build (it's our bug). We tracked it down yesterday.

    It will be fixed in a future (beta) version, hopefully soon.

  • @herf Awesome! Just curious, but do you happen to have a general timeframe for when the beta will be out? I won't be able to use flux until then

  • @mariojug said:

    @herf Awesome! Just curious, but do you happen to have a general timeframe for when the beta will be out? I won't be able to use flux until then

    Don't hold your breath. I was told last year that a beta could be ready by January 2016, but here it is August 2016 and still no beta.

    These two are very busy, so we need to be patient.

  • I'm just adding this to the conversation:
    *f.lux works fine on Dell U2713HM trough DVI-I
    *flicker is showing on LG Ultrawide 34UM65-P trough HDMI
    AMD Radeon R9 200; Windows 10 Pro v1607 / Build 14393.10

  • f.lux team

    @David this sounds different than the displaylink issue - any way to share a video?

  • @herf you are right, and this is good news for me.
    Here's a quick video with the usual settings (on the right is the LG/HDMI flicker; on the left the DELL/DVI-I no-flicker):
    And another video with Movie Mode on that seems to remove the flicker.

    So, I guess I'll use the Movie Mode for a while. Anything I should know about it? I really haven't used it before.

  • @herf I hope that beta comes soon. I've been trying to live without F.lux for over 2 weeks now. I've found a working competitor's product in the meantime and will come back to F.lux when it works again in my situation.

  • f.lux team

    Thought we would get the new version up but instead I just merged the changes back to the older version:


    Hope this one works for DisplayLink on Windows 10. Let me know.

  • @herf Works great! Thank you.

  • @herf This fixed it! Thank you :)

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