Status update & feature request

  • so far i have been enjoying f.lux for android despite the few bugs i have encountered. my biggest issue is that f.lux disables itself after an app is installed.

    as far as requests go, i have a few:

    1: the ability to adjust the lighting like in the pc version.

    alt text

    2: adding the ability to toggle f.lux on/off from a shortcut in the quick settings panel would be AMAZING!! i often take screen grabs and at the moment having to disable f.lux is a pain. this feature would really help out.

    alt text

    i have tried to accomplish this by using Custom Quick Settings but it seems that f.lux needs to have this function in order to work.

    i hope to get some feedback on whether others like this idea. i cant be the only one..... right?

  • @droidbot screen grabs will not be affected by f.lux most likely. Try it.

  • f.lux doesn't interfere with screenshots

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