Bug: Windows 7 Cursor Non-Flux Colors, unless in Drag

  • Just a small bug. Cursor is normal blue hue, not affected by f.lux, which might be intended. But when you're resizing a window the cursor is yellow-flux-hue

  • This is fixed by making a change to the following Registry key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

    In the right-hand pane, double-click the subkey called "MouseTrails" and change it to "-1". After this, log out of Windows and log back in. This will enable mouse trails without any visible trails whatsoever. Enabling mouse trails forces Windows to always render the mouse which will fix this problem perfectly.

    The only bad thing about this is, you might not have a visible cursor in some video games. It's still there and you can still use it, but it's just invisible. To make it visible again, you'd need to reset the MouseTrails subkey back to '0' and then log out and back in.

    An alternative to all this is just keep Windows Magnifier open and set to 100% and minimized.

  • Hello,
    Sorry if I update this thread but I wonder if someone has another solution.
    This 2 workarounds add some cursor lag that I can't stand. Especially when gaming where aim is important.
    This cursor is kinda disturbing.

  • +1

    I thank TwoCables for the methods but i also noticed lag when i tried them. It's a no go for me. Too bad because if i remember correctly when i had iGPU only the cursor was alright but since i got nVidia its always in blue color.

  • What happens if you change the "-1" value to "99"?

  • The lag yow noticing is actually your GPU struggling to keep up. Drag a window and you'll probably see the same delays.

    I do folding@home and my GPU goes to near 100% utilization. The cursor will be slowed when I open the windows 7 magnifier. I like this program solution as I really need it and I can quickly close it for fullscreen games to see the cursor.

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