Dimming screen increases blues.

  • I noticed that when I used Alt - Page Down to dim the screen, it also reduced the effect caused by Flux. If I dim the screen all the way, the screen looks like a darker version of what it normally looks like without Flux. I use a desktop, so by the time it's night, my screen is too bright, so I always have to use it.

    Please fix this, and please make Dimming an automatic night feature. I have to use the shortcut every night, it would be nice if it just dimmed with the sunset like the regular flux effect does.

  • @super3dcow You have to expand the color range for f.lux. It's in the f.lux menu.

  • Thanks very much - works a treat.

    I only just discovered the dimming feature - I wish the dimming could be time controlled too !

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