Which version is from when?

  • Hi, new here, first of all thanks for making this software, it's helped me loads!

    FYI: Philips has recently (this month) changed the pairing protocol, so if you've updated your hub to the latest version, it may not work until we update f.lux next.

    What brought me here is the Hue feature I found whilst searching on the internet as to how to do such a thing manually, it sounds great! The only problem is I cannot find any sort of version timeline to clarify if my hub has updated out of compatibility (as mentioned above) or if the computer here is one that "doesn't beep". Any advice please?

  • @bigfan f.lux has (last I tried) not updated to support the new bridge update. Be patient they're working on way more than just that for the windows update.

  • Hi Bigfan,

    I have the Hue lights and use them with f.lux. I use a windows desktop too and I didn't have my speakers plugged in when I first synced the hub. I just imagined it was like syncing anything else - once you press the button you've got anywhere from 60 to 30 seconds to pair the other device. So once I checked the box and clicked done in f.lux, I rushed over to my hub and pressed the button. It worked, but every now and then f.lux will not take over the system. A workaround is to check the box and click done again whenever it doesn't and that usually fixes it until it stops working again. So maybe try that.