F.lux and a docking station (not working?)

  • I have used F.lux for a long time now, and I love it (can't do without). However, at work my set-up recently changed and now F.lux doesn't seem to be working on my second and third monitor.

    My setup when it did work:
    HP Desktop, with a VGA and a DVI monitor connected through a KVM (I also have a thin client connected to the new screens).

    My new setup:
    Desktop replaced with a Dell XPS laptop, connected to Dell's D3100 dock (with 2 HDMI ports). The dock is connected to a DVI KVM (again for the thin client). I have HDMI-DVI cables to connect from the dock to the KVM, and DVI cables from the KVM to the screens (as before)

    At the moment F.lux only works on the laptop screen, but not the two external monitors.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your consideration,


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