Flicker after monitor calibration (Spyder5)

  • I have been using f.lux on multiple computer for more than a year, wihout any problems. I have recently acquired an Spyder 5 pro monitor calibration device and calibrated both my laptop and desktop computer. Since the calibration, both system randomly flicker between calibration and f.lux settings (like they are fighting). This happens only at night time when f.lux is active.

    Both systems run windows7x64.

  • Someone?

  • Spyder runs a profile loader that you can disable. f.lux is a really good profile loader (promise!) and can be used in its place.

    Also, if you ever re-calibrate, we recommend quitting f.lux while you're using the Spyder software, and restarting it afterwards.

  • Could you walk us through the process?

    I couldn't find an option in the f.lux menu for serving as a profile loader. How do I activate it? And where do I find the colour profile calibrated by the Spyder software? And do I simply uninstal Spyder after all of this or how do I disable the Spyder profile loader? Many thanks!

  • f.lux will automatically load the spyder profile.

    Then it will modify it at night - but if you have the spyder loader turned on also, they will argue.

    You can disable the spyder one in task manager > startup, and f.lux will do a good job of keeping the calibrated profile loaded.

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