Is there a way to have 3 time settings on Windows, similar to on OS X?

  • I'm a longtime OS X user that's recently shifted to Windows. I really liked having a daytime setting, an evening setting, and then a really redshifted late night setting. OS X lets you have that w/ three options: "Daytime," "Sunset," "Bedtime."

    Is there any way to replicate this on the Windows version? If not, I would love to suggest this as a feature request, as it's just not the same without that.

  • No, not automatically. You'd have to do it manually. A new version is being worked on though that will have most or maybe all of the features in the Mac version (and probably more).

  • @TwoCables Oh, that's exciting! When is the new version expected to be released? Is there a beta out?

  • This post is deleted!

  • f.lux team

    Yes we're working on a new version. Hopefully beta soon.

  • I wish the timer settings were far more customizable. For example, I really want f.lux to, say, disable itself "3 hours prior to sunrise". If this new version could include something like that, that would be amazing.

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