Black Screen Nvidia Shield Original (reboot required)

  • I was relieved to learn that my tablet was not dead - since the tablet has no power on LED and takes 10+ seconds to force-off the device. Disabling f.lux seemed to immediately fix the issue.

    The two settings I might have played with are Sunset set to Incandescent and Bedtime set to Candle. The issue persisted into morning hours so I don't think ether of these should have been the issue.

    (This may post to the wrong forum because only f.luxometer, Sleep and Light, and Smart Lighting were available on both Firefox and Chrome when I went to create a new topic from the f.lux support > Android forum.

  • @PrototypeNM1 Switching to the Tegra driver under "f.lux Preferences -> Advanced Section -> Color Driver" solved my sleep of death problems on the SHIELD Tablet.

    Netflix and Hulu videos will also play fine and the screen filter no longer disables when updating/installing apps with the Tegra driver. The only problem I encountered is the screen flickers on rotation.

  • @Mango Thanks, that seems to work. Good to have the bug confirmed too.