Love f.lux so much! + Feature Request

  • Hey makers of f.lux :)

    Thank you so much for this awesome tool. I heard about it from the YouTube Channel called Tested.

    Since using f.lux, my nightly working sessions are way less heavy on my eyes. They just tire so much slower. I regularly recommend this to colleauges and friends.

    There's one feature I'd love to see in the future, if you think it's useful to others too. I use a laptop and I usually turn the brightness of my screen down pretty much in parallel with f.lux's adjusting of the temperature.

    So I'd love to be able to set screen-brightness-levels for day and night so f.lux auto-adjusts the screen-brightness too.

    Thanks again for this awesome tool and keep making quality software :)

    Regards - Marty

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