After Windows 10 upgrade external monitor flickers / pulses color

  • Have had f.lux working great on a Toshiba L-50 Laptop that has an Intel HD Graphics 4600 adapter and an Nvidia GT 740M graphics card built-in running Win7 x64. Upgraded to Win10 and now have this issue.

    F.Lux works fine on the laptop display, but the external display connected via HDMI pulses / flickers once flux activates at night. The whole screen isn't flickering it just looks like f.lux is shifting the colour back and forth every few seconds. So more of a color pulse / flicker than a screen flicker.

    I read that a default Windows 10 driver could be the problem, but I've managed to force update the intel HD 4600 graphics driver up to a version I pulled off the windows update catalog and that driver is dated from April 2016 and version

    However, the problem still remains and I can't figure out any solutions to resolve it?

  • @farrsight I still don't know the correct solution, but if possible, disable the "intel onboard graphics". I still don't understand the "onboard nvidia" graphics, and it's been around since the vista years. Yeah, it's confusing.

    If you need help with the procedures to enter your UEFI / BIOS to disable the intel graphics, just let me know.

  • Tried using the 'expand color range' option and I think that has resolved it!

  • I was getting that as well. Didn't know if it was because I use SpyderPro to calibrate my LCDs. That an I have 3 LCDs!

    Where was 'expand color range' ? Not seeing it in f.lux or Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.

  • Found it under lighting at night. Should have searched more than 4 seconds. :)

    Did not seem to work though. Wondering if my color calibration app is fighting with f.lux.

  • @mvalpreda the f.lux devs say f.lux is a great profile loader, and should grab the profile every 10 minutes (or look for one) and at every boot. In fact they even recommend the use of these devices so the screen doesn't look weird when you change the color temperature.

  • @Tungsten_smooth It will flicker until I turn off/terminate SpyderPro. I can choose the warm colors, or color calibrated monitors.....

  • @mvalpreda Well stop the spider color software and I would think f.lux will get the spyder profile.

  • f.lux team

    Yes this is in our FAQ:

    We load Spyder profiles very well during the day.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Looks like I use the Windows color profile manager. :)

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