Keyboard input stops working inside windows until you exit F.Lux

  • SurfaceBook
    Windows 10 Pro x64
    Have tried using stock Windows-provided video drivers and latest NVidia drivers. Currently using
    NVIDIA GeForce GPU
    Driver Version
    Drive Date 6/2/2016

    After a couple hours usage I cannot input text into windows. I can type directly into the OS but as soon as I try to type inside a window like a PowerShell window, a Windows Remote Desktop session or a VSphere Console Window the arrow keys work and so does backspace but no letters get typed out and Enter doesn't work.

    The Windows Soft Keyboard works perfectly.

    As soon as I exit the problem goes away.

  • @itbrydon Go to the f.lux "extras" settings, and turn off all the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe that is interfering.

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