[Feature requestion] Ambient light detection together with f.lux

  • I want f.lux's ability to change the color temperature based on time of day, but just as importantly I want the ability to dim the monitor based on room ambient light. Right now I need to use Alt+PgDn and PgUp but it's a constant thing that I don't always think about.

    Ideally it would be driven by a dedicated webcam, since I don't see USB ambient light sensors for Windows. If I get or write a separate program to do this, it would conflict with f.lux.

    It's a big addition, but it's exactly the kind of thing f.lux should include and recommend.

  • @jnm236 said:

    Right now I need to use Alt+PgDn and PgUp

    This has NO effect on your monitor's backlight power. It's backlight is still producing the same amount of light, it's just being blocked by a filter on f.lux, making the display colors (through software) darker. @TwoCables says it's changing the software "black level" or contrast. (Slightly different things but I think it's both).

    I strongly advise you to only use your monitor buttons to adjust brightness. This can be annoying, but press ALL the buttons, each time clearing the on screen display, until you find which button gets you to the shortcut for brightness and contrast.

  • @Tungsten_smooth I didn't want to complicate my feature request, but the fact is that Alt+PgUp and PgDn is preferable to changing the backlight. I understand that the contrast and color fidelity is lower, but I do not have a flicker-free monitor. My monitors dim their backlights using PWM, which means it's solid at 100% brightness and flickering more harshly the more it is dimmed.

    I have measured this on the eight monitors I regularly use at home and in the office and found it to be relieving eye strain to leave the backlight at 100% to prevent flicker and using software to dim the screen.

  • @jnm236 YIKES! 8 monitors and they (assuming) all have PWM? Switch to Ben Q! Most of their stuff is flicker free.

    Edit: back to the light sensing stuff, what I think would be a bit better is just a timed dimming. Instead of linking it to light levels--if your screen gets a bit hard to read at night, that's your cue to dim your room lights.

  • I think this is a very good feature request because it seems to me that this goes right in line with what f.lux is all about.

    Oh, and yeah @Tungsten_smooth you're right about Pg Up and Pg Down also adjusting contrast while it changes the black level. I completely forgot about that. It was designed this way because otherwise the contrast would get messed up.

    Anyway, yeah, I'd love to see this feature in f.lux. I'd never use it myself, but I'm one of the few people left on this planet who doesn't have a webcam of some kind. lol (I have no desire to have one)

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