Getting f.lux to connect to Philips Hue on windows 10 [bug?]

  • When I go to extras and check "control Philips hue lights" (
    But I don't get any beep even though I have Philips Hue connected to the same router as my computer.

    I'm running f.lux version 3.10 on windows 10 pro (Version 1511, build 10586.318)

  • @kristoffer Yeah, did you update the bridge this month? I think @herf said that will break the integration. I also upgraded it. In fact, I actually don't like to use it because the default anything for color temp on my bulbs has almost a pinkish tint. I add more green into it to counter that.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Yea, I believe it updated and gave me the message asking me to download their new app (which is getting terrible ratings and incompatible with my 4.1 android..)

    I suppose the best alternative is to set stuff up in the app or use IFTTT :/

  • @kristoffer Hmm, new app? I can't comment on that as I recently wiped my phone in hopes of better battery life as the 5.0 update just destroyed it. Something about "mobile network" eating up all my battery. Going back to older versions has only brought back my ability to change the ringer volume on the lock screen by holding the power button. It also has a much easier (and intuitive) way to access emergency call. I'm on 4.4.

    Hue pro is a good app if you don't mind paying a bit for it. I like it but I'm sure you can find something very similar for free.