Works fine with rooted Huawei Mate 8 [AL-10; chinese]

  • Hello,

    as it's more common to flood forums with "not working" threads I just want to say THANK YOU to the development team.
    I'm using flux on PC for more over a year now and it just feels good.
    I really have no idea if my sleep got better or so but it's much easier for my eyes.

    Yesterday I found out by a fluke there is an Android version out there... WOOHOOO!

    Installed it, works pretty nice for me.

    It would like be a bit easier to have a better "proof" for my location. I'm not sure if it found it or not...

    Another thing is a screen dim function. Most phones have a photometer (if this is the right translation for it; I'm not native English), so when the light is 0 lx the dim function could make the screen a bit darker.

    But anyway, nice app. Well done!


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