How to link Philips Hue to f.lux?

  • I see there is an option to link my f.lux the my hue hub, it says the push the button when my computer beeps, which it never does. How do you properly link the Hue hub the f.lux, and what does it enable you to do?

  • @jamietime Open f.lux (the main window with settings) and click the 3 line menu. You can also get to this menu by right clicking the icon near the clock (may be hidden so click the white triangle to show hidden icons).

    In the menu, go to "Extras..." and enable the Philips Hue setting. There is a special setting that will poll every... 5-10 seconds or so, that you can enable in the registry as well. It's also a hidden setting in f.lux that you won't see unless you change some stuff.

  • @Tungsten_smooth thanks for that, what are these 'special changes' I need to make to get this to work?

  • @jamietime If you're not familiar with the registry, be very careful to not change anything outside of where we go. It's basically a cryptic list of just about every setting on the computer.

    Open the start menu, or the run command menu, and type "regedit"

    Open regedit.

    Go to the "Edit" menu and click "Find". Type in "flux" here you should be in the folder for the f.lux settings. If they don't seem like settings for f.lux such as "Indoor" "Outdoor" "candle" "huepoll" then go directly to the folder.

    That is: HKEY CURRENT USER \ Software \ Michael Herf \ flux \ preference.

    That's where you'll find (hopefully) all of the settings I've listed. I use a program called "Resource Hacker" to modify the flux.exe file and that allows me to unhide some settings in the GUI that probably need a bit of work (like the candle mode) but basically do work well enough.

    The setting to poll is called "Make Hue work with a lightswitch". So if you turn off the light and turn on the light again, hue won't update, but if you keep sending that command to the bridge it will, and that's what this does.

  • @Tungsten_smooth you're a legend, thanks for that. I'll be sure to try it out in the morning :)

  • FYI: Philips has recently (this month) changed the pairing protocol, so if you've updated your hub to the latest version, it may not work until we update f.lux next.

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