Darkroom feature missing, do I need to update?

  • How can I update the version to get the darkroom feature? I'm running version 3.10 and have automatic updates enabled but the program hasn't updated in 7 days. I desperately need the darkroom feature for my eyes. Please help!

    Thanks in advance!

    I've done a search of the forum but cannot find information.

  • Hi @fishbulb25 - you need to make sure you enable "expand range" under the extras menu - this requires a reboot. You might also want to make sure you've got the latest video drivers too!

  • Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately, I'm not seeing an option under the extra's menu to 'expand range'. Only 4 extra options are present (Make screen warmer, Use hotkeys, Control phillips Hue lights, Control philips colorkinetics).

    I've updated my video card driver last week and am working off a new laptop.
    Is there another possibility? Thank you again for the help!

  • @fishbulb25 Nope, you need to expand the color range. You must not be aware familiar with the f.lux menu. Open the program and click the three line menu on the right. You can also get to this very same menu by right clicking the icon in the "notification area" or tray icon. It's by the clock.

    In this menu, you'll find an option called "Lighting at night". It goes well below 3400K (Halogen). If you were accustomed to those settings below 3400K, you'd notice you're not able to get to them. You can easily do so by one of two ways:

    • drag the night (or day) slider ALL THE WAY to the left--even though it will not move past 3400K. Click the grey flashing button regarding the color range.

    • In the menu, click "Expand color range".

    You'll have to reboot for these changes to take effect, there's no other way.

  • My Hero's! This has solved it! Thank you all so much! My eyes thank you many times over!!!

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