Some questions and problems.

  • Hello over there, I would like to ask some questions to f.lux dev. So, I got a phone (Meizu MX5) with a Flyme OS (Very heavy modified version of Android 5.1). This phone got locked bootloader, so no chances installed AOSP or CyanogenMod or etc. (Also, "fastboot oem unlock" doesn't work, everything is blocked). This OS main design is iOS like, a lot of blurred stuff, bla bla bla. So, this phone got Helio X10 CPU with PowerVR G6200 GPU. There's no choice for using not composite driver. Problems: Blur doesn't work. Notification Center - unreadable, white on white. I'm using Nova Launcher, so I feel it's kinda slow, laggy (I mean input lag), 30 fps lock. Is there any chance of adding MediaTek driver? Also, auto-turning on doesn't work on Flyme OS, I dunno how to fix it. (If there is auto-turn on).
    I would like to control by yourself when to enable or disable f.lux. I mean setup when do I go to sleep, so before one hour of that f.lux is supposed to be in maximum state.
    I think that using Xposed Framework will be better for some OS, please implement that function as 'choiceable'.
    I was using iPhone, so I can say - tuning by scroller is better and faster.
    That's it, is there any chances of implementing this stuff?