Transition loop hangs system

  • I have a Windows 8.1 64-bit system. I was working through a Windows Remote Desktop connection and then went away for a while. This lead to my monitor idling and turning off. When I came back and moved the mouse, the screen was looping transitioning from non-flux to flux (i.e. normal -> orange for about a second, repeat infinitely). This hanged the system; I was unable to click or press anything. The only thing on the screen was the taskbar with nothing but the start button (no programs, tray, time, etc.) and the desktop wallpaper (no icons). Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete went to the security screen but there were no buttons (e.g. lock, power, change password). Nothing else worked (i.e. no other key combinations or mouse clicks). I assumed it was an infinite loop so I did a forced shut down. I'm not sure whether the problem was because I had a full-screen active RDP session, my monitor turned off, or a combination of those. My system is a Intel NUC D54250WYKH.

    Also, when I uninstalled f.lux, the executable was still running, but the uninstaller didn't close it first. After restarting, it was still there in AppData\Local, so I had to manually delete the folder. I didn't try running it, and hopefully there are no remaining traces.

    Flux also causes the system to lag tremendously during transitioning, although I assume that's a well-known bug.

  • @smileythunder I think this is due to the Intel NUC drivers. It's not properly supporting f.lux.

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