f.lux install location

  • I find f.lux to be a great little piece of software, but I have one major annoyance with it that I would like to address here. The issue in question is the choice of install location on Windows.

    Unfortunately, f.lux goes the quick'n'dirty route of installing its executables into %LocalAppData%, which is a very bad practice. Namespace usage guidelines which have been in effect from Vista onwards, states that executable files should not be installed into user folders (including but not limited to %AppData% and %LocalAppData%).

    I understand that there are legitimate reasons for ignoring these guidelines - being able to allow non-privileged users to install software - and even Microsoft themselves ignore them on occasion (such is the case with OneDrive, for example).

    However, I find it extremely annoying for the user not to be able to actually override this and install into the proper location (%ProgramFiles% for example) in order to perform a system-wide and properly placed installation. In this age of increasing threats from ransomware variants that launch themselves from user folders and that even the best antimalware products can't always keep up with, many people find it a useful countermeasure to block executable files from being launched from within user folders, and I for one would like to do so on both my personal computers and my corporate network.

    In order for such a policy not to affect f.lux, it needs to be able to install into the correct folders for program files, or at the very least give the user either an active choice of install location or expose a command line switch to specify an alternate location.

    I hope this can be fixed.

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