Screen saver no longer works when using F.lux

  • Basically, my screensaver no longer auto-starts after the designated time.
    This only happens if I have F.lux running. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, so I'm confused.
    Any help is appreciated.


  • Can you post the video card/OS, and does power saving work for your monitor, too?

  • I have a GeForce GTX 650TI on Windows 7 Pro.
    Nothing works with regards to a timeout on my monitor. If I manually trigger it, it's fine.

  • What are some other programs that run in the background on your machine? You could do a Web search and find out if they restrict the screen saver.

    You could also try exiting them one at a time and get the result.

  • Already did that, the only thing that changed on my system has been F.lux.

  • Does uninstalling f.lux resolve this problem.

    If so make sure your video drivers are up to date.
    If you need assistance with that we'll that's what this forum section is for.

  • Weird, installing the latest video drivers fixed the issue.
    I find it odd because of the timing of the issue.
    Thank you, sorry for blaming Flux.

  • Yep those drivers can really **** stuff up.
    Here's a nice story.

    I installed a new CPU. Put my own well third party thermal paste on (you can NOT run any CPU without this.

    I started up a game called Dirt 2. Well it ran fine for about 4 minutes of playing and would crash and that was very new.

    So I thought "what could cause this--well what did I change: CPU".

    So I took it out and reapplied thermal paste.
    No change. I kept getting some strange error about "Graphics driver crash" but i'd just updated the video drivers after i'd installed this 775 socket quad core CPU I'd paid $125 for.

    I kept reapplying thermal paste five or six times and eventually put too much and killed the CPU. It never did overheat.

    I kept thinking it was something I had changed.

    Put back in luckily still working dual core CPU and got the SAME ERROR.
    Yeah that sucks so it wasn't the cpu. It was that damn buggy new driveri thought I wanted. And lots of people complained about crashing.

    Itwas Nvidia famous 320. Something drivers. They were really bad.

    Pay close attention to driver updates and don't rule them out. Sometimes they cause major issues that aren't your fault.

    I since upgraded CPU + motherboard to support the new processor, to Intel Xeon 1230v3 that idles at 20 watts which is probably close to mobile CPUs. The old one used over 50 watts at idle.

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