Broken color system in Windows 7

  • Hello.

    What can I do if the program violated the colors in Windows?

    Even when the flux is off or removed my system distorts the colors and displays all with a touch of purple. Only Clean Screen program (gray dim filter for monitor) could help fix this. I use this program and all was fine. But from today flux breaks color again after fixing with help of Clean Screen

    I have calibrartor xRite iDisplay Pro. When I calibrate all is ok. After applying new color profile all shadow become purple with broken gradients :( White is fine.

    Windows 7, GeForce gtx 460

    I don't want to reinstall OS :(

    alt text

    Windows in my OS by default are transparent without any color gradients

  • After X install, delete and reboot all became ok.

    Where can I get old version of flux wo such bug?

  • no. Problem don't go away. Even after flux unistall. :(

    Looks like I should reinstall Windows

  • @pasha4ur I hope you've waited before reinstalling. Go to windows control panel > color.

    Delete all color profiles and reboot. Then, delete all x-rite color profiles if that requires extra steps. Then reboot. Then exit f.lux. Then re-open f.lux. Does that fix the issue?

  • @Tungsten_smooth hi

    Problem is in flux. Not in color profiles. I tried again few times: install flux, play with settings, delete it and rebbot.

    After X time all became fine again even with old color profiles.

    Clear Screen doesn't provide such problem

  • @pasha4ur your link doesn't provide the picture.

  • @Tungsten_smooth said:

    @pasha4ur your link doesn't provide the picture.

    He is providing a link to the program called Clear Screen that he mentioned in his original post. He is saying that Clear Screen "doesn't provide such problem". He's not trying to provide a link to a photo or a screenshot.

  • @Tungsten_smooth this is a program

    As I wrote before If flux breaks color system in my Windows I use Clear Screen brightness adjustment to fix color in my OS: Alt + F1-F3

  • @pasha4ur Well, it seems like this is clearly a software issue (no rude puns intended!). I think you should exit (by using the exit built into the program.) Uninstall f.lux. Uninstall "clear screen brightness". Uninstall ANY OTHER PROGRAM that is altering the colors. Reboot. Clear all color profiles in Windows color management--you'll still have a display with proper colors, no harm here.

    Then reboot again.

    You have to do this. It's software related, and it has something to do with a program on your computer that's shifting the colors. One thing that comes to mind is if you have altered the colors in the "AMD Catalyst CC", or "Nvidia Control Panel" or the Intel color management accessed by right clicking the desktop.

    Also, please reset your monitor to factory default. After you have done so, adjust the settings to something like "sRGB" or reduce contrast to help with faded / washed out colors (by REDUCING CONTRAST).

    Reset ALL the color settings you can find.

    Lastly, use the Windows "Calibrate Display" to hopefully reset some things.

  • This was the only thread I could find about this topic, and it had no solution. I managed to fix it on my own, so I created an account just to post the solution here.

    Uninstalling f.lux will not bring back the color.

    Running a system restore will initially bring back the color. However, after 10 minutes, the screen will flash and the color will break again. This happens even if f.lux isn't installed anymore.

    Interestingly enough, while the screen is discolored, if you go to display settings and flip the screen orientation to portrait or landscape (flipped), the colors go back to normal. However, they'll go back to being discolored if you change the screen orientation back to landscape.

    So, with all of that in mind...

    Here is the weird fix I found:

    1. Do a System Restore
    2. Once the computer starts up, immediately go to display settings
    3. Change your screen orientation to portrait (or something it isn't by default)
    4. Let the computer sit in the rotated position for ~10-15 minutes until the screen flashes. This screen flash is f.lux trying to break your computer from the grave.
    5. After the screen flashes, wait 10-30 seconds and then rotate the screen back to landscape (or whatever your default position is)
    6. You're done! No more crappy green and purple!

    I have no idea why this works, but it works.

  • Didnt fix my problem. And i didnt have sytem restore
    So here's what i did, should work for all:

    • Wins > device manager > enter
    • uninstall the display driver
    • update it automatically or find the driver online
      (you may have to restart the computer before being able to do this)
    • restart until its done

    flux broke the display driver itself, thats why literally nothing will work until you reinstall it.

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