Display kelvin colour temp values

  • Hi

    Really glad to see f.lux finally on android (even if only rooted) having used it for years on Windows.
    However please can you add the colour temperatures to the colour settings? I can't tell what Halogen is relatively is compared to Incandescent or Candle etc. Being colour-blind doesn't help when comparing the settings either.

  • @mr-b I think you should try (at least for the moment) cf lumen.... It has some features for color blind If I remember, and you can adjust to the color temperature you want.... F.lux team should add some of these features from cf lumen too... F.lux Is the best on pc,I have been using it for years, and I know that you guys can make it on Android too... Keep up the good work and sorry for my English(it's not my native language)....

  • Thanks, yes I looked at cf.lumen but unfortunately found it violated my 1 minute rule i.e. if I can't figure out how to make an app work in a simple fashion in a minute then it gets ditched!
    If an app developer can't make it easy enough to get the basics working in 1 minute then it's obviously going to require significant time and mental investment which I just don't have the bandwidth for, even if the app is really great. Life is too short.
    I couldn't make out what the colour-blindess enhancement was either.

    That's one thing I like about f.lux (on Windows anyway) - a few easy to understand settings and it's all set and working. The android pre-release version is near enough to keep my loyalty (for now).

  • Yeah I agree with you on that... It's a bit complicated to use, but I played with the settings a bit and got the hang of it.... Anyway i use f.lux at the moment on my android too, so I can't talk much about CF... So let's hope it gets a lot better by time and reach the pc version of perfection... I like the interface a lot and it's simplicity, but it lacks some features for now...

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