Flickering Monitor after Kalibration

  • System: Windows 7 Prof, monitor: HP LP2465


    I've been using f.lux long without problems. Recently I have calibrated my monitor with Spider5. Since then flickers the monitor, only sometimes, but it gets on my nerves: the monitor is usually insulated, but in between the bright flicker sometimes.

    How can I turn it off?

    Thanks in advance

  • @sdrgc In the tray area (those tiny 8x8 / 16x16 icons that are incredibly pixelated, (with a white arrow by the clock) find the f.lux icon. Right click, and choose "Exit". If you exit with other means, it will not do the same thing.

    Then, re-open f.lux. Then f.lux should see your color profile and load it. This will also happen every 10 minutes.

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