Suggestions for f.lux Windows UI

  • I love the f.lux app and I'm so glad I have started using it. It makes the computer screen so much easier to look at. Since it uses a color profile, rather than slapping on an orange layer on top of everything else, it doesn't leave any permanent mark on screenshots.

    I want to make a few suggestions for the user interface of f.lux. I believe f.lux is in constant development and I hope you will consider these.

    1. Clicking anywhere on the sine wave graph will trigger a "24-hour preview". I think this is OK during daytime, but very startling during nighttime. At least during night, the preview should not immediately and automatically launch, but rather have the user click on the "24-hour preview" button to confirm they do really want to see the preview.

    2. On the same note, in the Settings pane, clicking and dragging a scrubber (daytime/at night) should not trigger a preview automatically. After adjustment, a preview button could appear near the scrubber that when clicked on, would give a 1-second preview, if user really does want to see it.

    3. I would like the transition speed to be a scrubber ranging from the fast option to the slow option, rather than just the two options allowed. I should be able to set to 50 seconds, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or any interval between slow and fast as I want to.

    4. I am confused about the sine wave graph. What does it actually mean? Is that simply a representation of the solar cycle? (Add a little help tip about it.) I would love to see the color temperature changes scheduled for the 24-hour period in the graph (maybe replacing the solar cycle or in addition to it, or just have a toggle to swap). This would also show the above-mentioned transition speed in the graph form. (You already have the color change graph in the Mac version's UI, and it looks very nice.)

    5. In Movie Mode, the Kelvin value (including all changes) and the timer's time remaining could be shown. Right now it shows nothing except "Movie Mode". Please do put the timer on the right side, just next to the Settings button. (The timer can also be shown when f.lux is disabled for an hour.)

    6. The checkbox to disable for one hour can be replaced with four toggle buttons:
      [Movie mode] [Safe mode] Disable: [For an hour] [Until sunrise]
      That would put all those unique features in easier reach than being inside a menu.

    7. In Extras, have an option to not hide the window automatically if I click away.

    8. Have all the Extra settings as checkboxes within the UI itself. It doesn't do any justice to the nice sleek UI if the Extras show up in an ugly pop-up window. :D

    Thank you so much for developing this app and making it available for free! I'm very glad to have found it, and I hope to see it keep improving :)

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