[Request] Instant Transition

  • The 20 second transition is painfully slow. All my computers slow down during the transition. It interrupts what I am doing. In another thread I saw that you don't allow an instant transition because our eyes don't instantly adjust. I would rather you allow me as the user to make that choice, even if you pop up a box asking if it's ok to transition now, and I can click yes and look away from the screen.

    Until you make an instant transition I'm going to stop using flux. Thanks for making an otherwise great app.

  • Would the one-hour transition work? It takes a long time and it would be much easier on the eye (I would assume it would take you at least 15 minutes to notice the changing colors). And since it takes that long, I expect it to be less intensive on the CPU.

    PS: I just started using f.lux and I'm going to try both transition speeds for both CPU usage and personal preference. But hey, this is mentioned in the FAQ.

  • @agent007bond I did try the longer transition, but it would still occasionally slow for just a moment, over the period of the transition

  • Can you tell me more about your hardware and driver versions? Also you might try safe mode. Thanks for your comments.

  • I can't believe more people aren't here requesting this! Please allow for an instant transition!

  • The beta version of f.lux has 3 transition speeds, one of which is extremely fast.

  • Thank you kindly TwoCables!

  • Post again somewhere (new thread, reply to a thread, etc.) if you have any questions about the Beta version after you begin using it. I'll be happy to help if I'm able to! I'll see that you posted thanks to the way that this forum works.

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