Always On Mode and Extended Scheduling

  • Hello! f.lux is great! Love it!

    I wanted to suggest the addition of an always on mode and an extended schedule for f.lux. Sometimes in the early morning I would want f.lux to stay in night mode (warm) for longer than sun up. I think it would be cool to be to have a custom schedule one could apply for how long to stay in night mode beyond the default, but also a way to simply toggle night mode (warm) "always on" whenever one fancies.


  • I'd like to echo this suggestion, and perhaps improve it. I work a pretty constant office schedule, summer or winter. I'd like to suggest the addition of some fixed times for "morning" and "evening" to override the actual times of sunrise/sunset.

    At this latitude (38N, Sacramento, CA) I'll be getting up in the dark by mid-October; if I get on my computer at 6AM when it's still dark outside, I'd like to have the screen set to daylight mode to help me wake up. (The bank of 160 watts of full spectrum fluorescent tubes above my computer desk also help.) In the evening, I really don't want my screen going into "night" mode before about 8 PM, even when the Sun is setting at 5 PM.

    Any chance of these enhancements?


  • If the next version has this and if we have to wait a while, then I recommend in the meantime manipulating f.lux manually. What i mean is, when you stay up way past sunset, just set your Night color to 6500K. If you wake up before sunrise though, then change your Location when you wake up to somewhere where the sun is up already. Or, set it before going to bed so that f.lux says that Sunrise is going to happn just before you know you'll be waking up.

    This is the way that i do it, and I LOVE IT!

    Edit: For example, sunrise is about an hour and a half away where I live and that's also right about when I'll be going to bed. However, I will want to set f.lux to 1200K without worrying about losing it due to f.lux changing to Daytime mode. So, I clicked "Location" and changed my Latitude from 93.36W to 193.36E, which took just half a second. This little change moved my location further West by a few thousand miles. lol Now f.lux thinks I live in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to that, now it says that sunrise is in 7 hours from now. Perfect! :)

    When I get up, sunrise will have happened out there already because 7 hours from now is about 2 hours before I'll be getting up.

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